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Foodservice Packaging


Fast food industry requires printed and unprinted paper packages. We supply packaging solutions for fast food industry by using our latest international food certifications.


Fruits, vegatables needs to be delivered and stored properly and efficiently. We design and supply best effective packages to lower down the transportation costs and long lasting products.


Cups for coffee, soft drinks, ice creams, disposables are our products which we supply in different shapes and sizes.

Self Adhesive Labels


We have been producing RFID labels and manage RFID projects for companies.


Our machine park is the ultimate choice for manufacturing Booklet Labels for large, medium or small runs.

Our excellent standard has made us renowned throughout the industry for both affordability and exceptional quality.


“In-mold labeling” , or IML, is a process that allows you to fuse your labels which are printed on polypropylene film (white, opaque, transparent, matt, gloss, etc.), and molded onto your containers or parts, regardless of the shape


Self adhesive labels are subject to many industries. We use Flexopress, Letterpress and Digital printing technologies.

Corrugated Boxes

Regular Slotted Containers

This is the most common box style. All flaps are the same length from the score to the edge. Ideal for: shipping small individual items such as cups and mugs, books.

Die Cut Custom

These are custom corrugated boxes developed to exact specifications depending on customer requirements. Boxmaster can manufacture custom boxes with FULL color, available in all styles and custom sizes. Ideal for: unique products with special requirements such as cosmetic product boxes, toy product boxes, gift product boxes.

Pizza Boxes

We supply Pizza boxes in different types, shapes, materials.

Roll End Tuck Top

These are simple unglued boxes that need to be folded when assembled. These are great for shipping narrow items. Ideal for: vitamin packaging, retail packaging, coffee packaging, tea packaging.


Stand Up Pouches

From cooking sauces to soups, ready meals or hygiene products, stand up pouches can be the ideal solution to showcase your products in a more convenient formats. Popular form of packaging for the food, pet food, pharmaceutical and consumer care industries.

Flat bottom bags

Premium flat bottom bag format for outstanding on-shelf presentation and stable base for lighter weight products. Suitable for pet food, cupboard foods such as rice and pasta, cereals, powders, chemicals and detergents
Flexible Packaging



Paper Boxes